Dynafit Radical Pro Alpine Touring Boot

$799.95 USD

  • Best in class walk mode: Hoji Lock System one flip transition from ski to walk
  • 60 degree range of motion in walk mode
  • Progressive 120 flex boot for high volume feet
  • Buckles clasp over the center of the boot to prevent them from being damaged or unbuckled
  • Description

    The Dynafit Radical Pro touring boot is the most sought after boot for those of us with wider and higher volume feet. This boot is feature rich and hard to beat for downhill performance and easy of walking uphill. The hoji walk lever is a one of a kind genius lever that will have you converting from ski to walk like a rando racer.

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    Why We Like the Dynafit Radical Pro Alpine Touring Boot

    The Dynafit Radical Pro boot offers the same incredible Hoji-lock one lever throw as before, but in a new better fit and now with full touring binding compatibility. Gone are the days of the speed nose preventing compatibility with more of the alpine style bindings. It also gives you great crampon parings with all double bailed regular crampons, but still has the cut away for the Dynafit Cramp-in. 

    Let's talk about fit. All three layer cabrio boots like the Radical's Hoji Pro Tour predecessor had problems with squeezing the ankle bones as you tightened the boot. The Radical is now molded out to prevent this problem leaving ample space both around the ankles and instep. The 103 last makes the rest of the boot comfortable, and the Sidas fully heat moldable liner allows for easy customization of your new boot to your old foot.

    A one-lever walk mode pops you into a fully-free pivot motion which feels similar to many of the rando race boots and ultralight offerings on the market. When you flip the lever into walk-mode it loosen the top buckle and booster strap.  The forward motion is virtually limitless, while the rearward motion is more than enough for even the flattest of roads. The one buckle system is what makes this boot your one-boot touring option. 

    The Radical Pro still has the same innovation we came to love from the Hoji line. In combination with the walk mechanism, the Hoji is smooth between uphill and downhill, and maintains its stiffness with very little behind the inner workings. The Hoji Lock Mechanism is a revolutionary turning point in how stiff a touring boot can be and still feel effortless when hiking. 

    Coming in at 1450 grams in Size 27, this boot is light and fast, and made with a full head to toe Grilamid® build. The design is durable and stiff and will hold up the test of time. 

  • Best in class walk mode: Hoji Lock System one flip transition from ski to walk
  • 60 degree range of motion in walk mode
  • Progressive 120 flex boot for high volume feet
  • Buckles clasp over the center of the boot to prevent them from being damaged or unbuckled
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    John G.
    So far loving this boot, and the service from Cripple Creek.

    I purchased this boot at the Seattle store as an upgrade from my Scarpa Freedom SLs. The day after purchasing I took it to Hyak for a few laps, and dropped a skin half way down the second lap, so boot packed up about 500' to find it. The toebox in this boot is much more accommodating than the Scarpa, and I had them punch the shell out a bit. After the day at Hyak I stopped by and they punched it out a bit more while I waited. Now it is about perfect. The Hoji single lever system is nothing short of a revelation for transitions, and this boot skis stiffer than the freedom SLs. The range of motion in walk mode is much more than I had expected.

    I also can't say enough about how great the staff at Cripple Creek have been. From my first consultation with Tyler in CO, to my fit sessions in Fremont in Seattle with Michael the entire experience was easy peasy, and they got me dialed.

    Tyler A.
    Great boots

    Awesome range of motion. I really like the ease of the hoji system. The stiffness for the weight on these is also something noteworthy. I think one of the most beneficial things for me has been how easy it was to adapt the boots to my weird and wide feet.

    Joe T.
    Workhorse that feels like a unicorn

    This boot replaced my Scarpa Maestrale (several genrerations).
    It skis harder and walks better.
    The boot work at your Seattle shop is superb.
    Thank you for the awesome gear and service

    David B.
    Dynafit Radical Pro Boot

    I was looking for a replacement for my Dynafit Hoji Pro Tours and the Radical Pros are just the ticket. I'm addicted to the one-step operation of the Hoji walk mode and the performance of the stiffer shell but I didn't need the same flex and wanted something crampon compatible. The Radical Pros have a bit more range of motion, more forward lean capability, and have just enough stiffness for anything I might drop on. Looking forward to taking them out every day this season!

    Nolan B.
    Great Touring Boots

    Got these as my first pair of touring boots and love them. Comfortable on the uphill with lots of flex, but also great on the downhill. Almost no real performance loss from my downhill boots. Really easy transitions with just a single lever that loosens straps.

    Julian H.
    Love them!

    Fantastic recommendation from the Carbondale crew. First boots I have had that have been comfortable from day one. Only slightly heavier than my Spectres but feel way more solid and will be great for on mountain as well as backcountry.

    Henrik L.
    Pretty Solid, as long as your foot fits

    They're AMAZING in terms of functionality, however my foot still has to break in the boot. I can't really advise doing a 7 hour trip in these boots the first time you wear them.

    Hey Henrik!

    I'm glad that you're generally excited about your Dynafit Radical Pro boots. They're a great match for powerful skiers and bigger skis! We generally recommend breaking in the boot a little bit before going out for a huge day, but way to get after it! If we can help get the fit dialed in, don't hesitate to reach out. We'll gladly do what we can to make sure your feet are happy.

    Happy shredding!

    Chris B.
    Higher volume = more comfort on the uphill

    The old hoji free tours were tight on my instep. They just didn’t work out for me. The new ones have toe welts so they work with my automatic crampons. They also are lighter and have a better range of motion. Happy with the purchase and great price 👍