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Dynafit Ski Crampons

Whether you are clinging to the top of an icy peak on a bucket-list ski mountaineering adventure or battling the overly steep, refrozen skin track at your local backcountry stash, don't leave home without your ski crampons. These crampons are perfectly suitable for Dynafit bindings, and recommended for ascents on icy or hard snow.

Depending on the width of the ski different width options are offered: 

  • *80 mm, green (94 g)
  • *90 mm, blue (99 g)
  • *100 mm, orange (102g)   
  • *110 mm, black (105g)
  • *120 mm, blur-grey (115 g)
  • *130 mm, gold (125 g)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dynafit Ski Crampons

Good for these spring/summer ski conditions! At 5am when the skin track is a sheet of ice these definitely come in handy!

Dynamite ski crampons

The crampons worked just great and helped me to climb an icy slope to the summit of Byers Peak. You have to drop your heel lift for the crampons to grab, can be challenging on really steep terrain.

Great product

I really liked using these ski crampons. Made a slippery skin track much more enjoyable. Easy to use


Dynafit Ski Crampons

Solid Crampon Choice

If you plan to go backcountry skiing in the springtime anywhere in the world, you need ski crampons. The reason is that in the spring, after the heat of the day before and the overnight freeze, the snow will be rock hard in the morning until the daytime temps soften it. Crampons not only help you to climb up, but they make traversing icy slopes more secure, and therefore safer. These Dynafit crampons, like many other brands, are easy to attach and detach in the field once someone shows you how to do it. Whether you are planning your first springtime tours or intend to get whole-heartedly into backcountry touring, you must make the small and very worthwhile investment in ski crampons.

Great service

Dyna fit crampons work perfectly

Cliff Runge

I just got off the boat in Ushuaia from our adventure with Chris in Antartica. Overall, the equipment worked great - in fact better than I did in a couple of circumstances that were steep and scary. My only issue was with my bindings not having ski brakes. The tether system you sold me was a real pain doing transitions on the steep pitches, and I really feared losing a ski not having the breaks. Other than that, for my first experience ski mountaineering, I am a happy camper. Cliff