Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe

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The Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe is built for long days on the rolling singletrack and mountain steeps. The runs where you can listen to more than one Grateful Dead show on your ear buds kinds of runs. The soft mid sole has superior damping characteristics, which means greater comfort even after many, many miles on the trail. The POMOCA out sole is ideal for varied terrain and delivers grip that you can rely on, even in wet conditions. The heel pre-loader provides excellent support for your ankle and heel. Laces can be stowed under the practical stretch mesh panel, keeping them protected and ensuring that they don't loosen while you're running. The ULTRA 100 has a drop of 6mm. Pick the Ultra 100 Running Shoe for your next 100 kilometer or miles, you decide.

*We suggest sizing up at least half a size in this shoe. It runs VERY short.