The Meidjo 3 Telemark Binding

$579.95 USD

The M Equipment Meidjo 3 Telemark Binding improves upon itself, doubling down on what was already the lightest, highest-performing tele-tech binding on the market. The Meidjo has an updated NTN spring system to provide 40%* more power than the Meidjo 2. But the Meidjo 3 has also shaved 20g, weighing in at a total of 440 grams per binding. The Meidjo is the first tele-tech binding to have a safe lateral releasability in ski mode, still guaranteed by The M Equipment for the Meidjo 3. 

If you are looking for the ultimate level of backcountry telemark performance, the Meidjo 3 is what you should have on your mind/feet. The binding uses a hybrid NTN / tech toe design that allows you to drop the weight for the uphill with a free heel and efficient pivot toe. But lock down for the ski down and keep the sensitivity and finesse you have come to love with NTN-powered tele-turns. Keep the dream alive and stay out for more free-heeled hops with the Meidjo 3.

Compatible with all Crispi and Scarpa NTN boots. 

*That's what they told us

**for Scott boots : Small from 22.5 > 25.5 and Large from 26 >31

Customer Reviews

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Craig M.
Wonderful NTN tech telemark binding

I own two M3s. They are that good. End of story.
Well, maybe a few more data points. I’ve been on tele’s for close to twenty years - yes, I’m that dinosaur. I came from the original Bishop Bombers, which I absolutely loved given my alpine background. The plate binding had no slop, was laterally stiff, and is virtually indestructible. And these are some of the same reasons to go with the M3.
I doubt the M3 is indestructible, but it’s NTN design is uncompromising. The binding holds the boot securely with the torsional rigidity you demand. It’s a true step in design, so I can laugh at my former self struggling to get into his tele bindings. It easily adjusts on the slopes to set how active you’d like your binding to be. And while I don’t backcountry in tele equipment anymore (because AT boots are light years ahead in capability and comfort), the binding is lightweight and reasonably adjustable for touring.
On the downside I don’t think they are as burly as my old Bombers. After 30 days I see wear at the inside of the tech toe pin area where one ski rubs against the metal binding toe piece on occasion. If you haven’t noticed, they are also relatively expensive. And since each binding is mounted with a crazy number of screws to your ski, quiver killers are not really an option. And this is why I own two pairs 😃.
But the M3 skis wonderfully. Once you dial in the spring tension, the binding is very reactive to skier input. And it provides the necessary feedback - probably due to all the screws and mounting points. I haven’t had any issues with cold weather impacting the springs, nor any issues with snow clumping the binding mechanism that some previous models have experienced. The M3 is a well designed and super capable telemark binding and I highly recommend it. Good luck !