Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Beacon

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Mammut manufactures the finest avalanche beacons on the market, and their Barryvox S version is their premier offering. Boasting a huge 100m search strip in analog mode and 70m in digital, this beacon gives you the biggest range on the market. Not only is the signal powerful, but also reliable thanks to various safeguards. A circular receiving field gives identical receiving range for both X and Y axis, reverse direct function ensures your computer won't make 180 degree search errors, and auto guidance continues to guide the rescuer in the event of a signal interruption.

While all of this power is great, it's useless without user functionality, but Mammut has you covered there too. Background lighting means the display is readable even while wearing polarized glasses, the visual interface gives distance/direction/number of victims, and acoustic search guidance gives the rescuer the ability to visually search the debris field. All of this can be operated even with a gloved hand.

The Barryvox S beacon is trusted by professionals and recreationalists around the world. If you are looking for the premier Avalanche beacon on the market, then look no further.

  • Weight (including batteries): 210g
  • Height 27mm / Width 67mm / Length 115mm
  • 100m analog search strip / 70m digital search strip
  • 2-Year Warranty / 3-Year Warranty with registration
  • 300 hour alkaline battery life / 400 hours lithium
  • 70m Digital receiving range
  • Background lighting on display- readable with polarized glasses
  • Acoustic search guidance
  • Circular receiving field yields consistent range on both X and Y antennas
  • Ergonomic, impact and break proof
  • Multiple buried subjects
  • Auto revert when beacon stops moving for 4 minutes
  • 3D sensor concentrates on victims with maximum chance of survival

Customer Reviews

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Invest in equipment that will save your partners life

This is the most advanced beacon on the market. It has a 70m digital receiving range, a fast processing power, and an intuitive digital interface. The most important quality of a beacon is to be VERY well practiced with the beacon through recursive and routine companion rescue training. The second is to have something that works well and is reliable. The Barryvox S fills that roll. It's large digital display that walks you through the progressive steps of a companion rescue is a valuable tool to have access to when the intensity is high in a real avalanche burial. Having a fast processor and high digital range is crucial as well to reduce the amount of search time as much as possible. This is an advanced and powerful tool that will hopefully save my friends like [if that time comes]. There is a step learning curve to understand all of the features behind this beacon, but take it upon yourself to learn those if you're serious about traveling in avalanche terrain. I strongly recommend this beacon to snow safety professionals and active backcountry / avalanche terrain users. This is an advanced level beacon that comes with a high level of performance.