Scarpa Maestrale/Maestrale RS Replacement Liner (2020)

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The Scarpa Cross Fit Pro Flex Performance liner is the replacement liner for 19/20 Maestrale boots. 

Touring is hard on everything and all the gear is built to to last, but liners are always the first to go. They take quite a beating and put up with quite a bit of sweat and funk and at some time your feet (and your significant other) will thank you when you throw out the old liners and swap in a fresh new, fully heat moldable pair of Cross Fit Pro Flex Performance liners. 

Customer Reviews

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David G.
Five thumbs up for the scarpa maestrale intuition replacement liner.

Scarpa intuition replacement liner is in my opinion best in class!
Don’t even think about getting anything else. Abundant warmth and comfort!

Maurice L.
Maestrale replacement liner 2020

Have an older Maestrale boot whose original liner was quite different from the newer replacement... I have a narrow heel and found the new liner too loose in the heel... since I bought online I was not able to realize this til they arrived ... I returned them