Scarpa TX Pro W NTN Boot

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Scarpa TX Pro W NTN Boot - 22.5 Ships in 2 weeks!


Shopping for a new tele boot can be frustrating and difficult because the market has slimmed over the last few years and now the Dynafit/tech world offers so many alluring choices. Luckily, Scarpa created the TX Pro Womens NTN boot for that woman looking for a telemark boot with NTN and Dynafit compatibility. Why not have your cake and eat it too? The boot is one of the stiffest on the market, made with triple injection Pebax and consisting of an internal frame for additional power transfer, but is easy to walk in in tour mode. It comes with Scarpa's legendary Intuition Speed Pro Tele Women's liner to make your foot's stay in the boot as comfortable as possible. The power strap at the top of the boot insures awesome power transfer down to your sticks. So don't feel the need to join the band wagon just yet!

Customer Reviews

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Deborah C.

Need snow!!!

Tele b.

Awesome boots and awesome fitting! Great experience so glad I went to cripple creek

Becky M.
Transition from T2s to Tx pros

My boots are hard to get into but JP in Avon told me to remove the liners and if there was space for two fingers in the heel space they would fit so I'm optimistic. I'll have them baked in the fall.

Marie L.
Quick and Clean

Super fast delivery and I love the boots!

Heidi R.
Scarpa Women's TX Pro Boot

I have somewhat narrow feet, so it's pretty exciting that this boot fits my foot nearly perfectly. I am, however, a bit perplexed by Scarpa's choice not to include an insole. Sure, the intuition liners are comfortable enough without insoles, but the extra volume in the boot is insane without insoles - my feet are narrow, yes, but nothing crazy, and thought I would have to return the boots before I realized the lack of insoles. Luckily, I have an old pair of hiking boots with insoles the right shape/size which did the trick. However, when you get a pair of boots retailing for $700, you don't really want to go out and buy a set of insoles for them. The size of the calf is big enough - barely... and as a 5'3" woman who weighs 120 lbs on a heavy day, and has relatively normally proportioned legs (i.e. I don't run ultra-marathons or anything like that), I don't feel like I should have to adjust the upper two buckles on a 23.5 to their loosest position to be able to close the buckles (details: I had to move the buckles to the loosest hole and now am able to close the buckles on their 2nd to loosest setting, after thermo-molding). I do also wish there was a lighter-weight option - my old T2X's only have 3 buckles, weigh about 1/2 lb less per boot, and seemed to be plenty burly to stand the test of time (I've been skiing them for ~15 years), but I'll take what I can get. Anyway, the fit worked out, the weight should be made up for with bindings that allow for moving only the boot and not the binding on the uphill, and I'm excited to try them out when there is snow again and it is responsible to do so!

Jason C.
Scarpa tx pro mens

These boots are comfortable, warm and powerful! I am new to telemark and the staff at cripple creek helped me make the proper decisions on my equipment! Just an outstanding knowledgeable staff! I cannot say enough, I will be getting all of my backcountry equipment from cripple creek! Thank you sooo much for everything a++.