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SCOTT Patrol E1 22 Avalanche Airbag Pack

The SCOTT Patrol E1 22 is a 22-liter, electric fan-powered avalanche airbag. The Patrol E1 22 is a small volume pack (compared to it's 30 L big brother) designed for ultralight ski touring, lift-accessed backcountry or heli-skiing operations.

Scott's Patrol pack series all feature the Alpride E1 airbag system: the lightest fully electronic avalanche airbag system on the market. This system is the inflection point for electronic airbags compared to their gas-canister pack competition. The E1 system uses two AA batteries to charge four supercapacitors that provide the energy to deploy the 150 L airbag. The innovative design change from battery-powered to capacitor-powered saves precious weight while providing the pack with more reliable operation in extreme conditions. A supercapacitors performance or charge is not affected by cold temperatures compared to the volatility of battery when in similar conditions. This makes for a more reliable airbag system in cold weather.

At 1280 grams, the Alpride E1 system is 720 grams lighter than any other electronic system on the market. This slender weight makes the Alpride E1 equal in weight to an aluminum-cartridge, gas-canister airbag system. Without the inclusion of air cartridges or lithium-ion batteries, this pack is also safe to travel or ship via airplanes. All of the electronics are printed onto a PCB board, rather than connected with wires, which improves the durability and longevity of the internal components. Did I mention that the pack can be deployed multiple times off of a single charge? But no worries if that pack battery dies, because charging is a breeze with either replacing the two AA batteries (like at a hut with no power) or plugging in via its micro-USB port (like at home every night before a tour). An LED indicator light will inform you of its level of charge from the exterior of the pack. All in all, this airbag system by Alpride is an absolute Swiss-engineered homerun (do they play baseball over there?). Lightweight, reliable, travel-friendly, and re-deployable. 

The airbag system is only half the equation for the Scott Patrol E1 22. The pack itself has a minimalist and thoughtful layout. On the inside of the pack, there is a sleeve to hold your avalanche safety equipment and one internal zippered pocket to hold smaller essentials. The exterior of the pack allows for diagonal or A-frame ski carry, or vertical snowboard carry. Ice tool fixtures and a helmet carry help organize your equipment as well. Totaling to 2,450 grams (including the airbag system), this is the lightest electronic airbag out there. Saddle up and stay safe with the Scott Patrol E1 22 Backpack for all of your backcountry travel. 

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