Spark R&D Crossbar/Fixie Clips

$39.00 USD

You want your splitboard to ride more like a solid board. We get it; so do we.

Our clever design features a one-piece crossbar that extends from one set of bolts to the other for the stiffest possible connection between the board halves. The cam lever clamps the board together taking gaps out of the board seam. The crossbar and lever rotate out of the way leaving nothing hanging over the edges to snag while you‚re touring or getting rad split skiing. Clamping tension is easily fine-tuned by turning a set screw, compensating for any wear or board variability. Spark Crossbar Clips are made from lightweight aluminum in an elegant low profile design, with only two moving parts. As a bonus feature, they can be entirely set up with the M3 hex bit on your Spark tool.

Includes: 2 x 'L' Alignment brackets, 2 x Crossbars, 4 x shorter screws for thin (i.e. carbon or kids) splitboards

Weight: 2.9oz/pr (82g)

Customer Reviews

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greg s.

had wrong picture of item on website.
said they would call me back after a FB chat, NEVER did.

sorry but these guys just aren’t ready to try and sell nationally.

be a nice little town shop and don’t try to out grown yourself.

they guy on phone had no clue and his solution was mail them back for a refund, not solve the problem.

i’m all for small-biz but some people just aren’t ready.

ps- still have wrong item on website.