Voile Switchback X2 Telemark Binding

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All the classic benefits of the Voile Switchback with a few more improvements. The Switchback X2 has 25% stiffer cartridges, and a 3 mm longer full wrap around steel toe plate, without rivets, for more powerful bomber downhill performance. Ice proof latching system for efficient uphill travel and easily switched to tele mode with your ski pole. No braided wire on these bad boys. Your heels are held on by Voile hardwire cables which has been slightly repositioned for more power.  Oh, and also this is the lightest telemark binding on the market! Bam!

Quiver Slot: Light Telemark Touring 

Touring Mode: Yes

Climbing Wires: Yes - 2 Different Heights

Weight: 726 grams

Sizes: Short Rod: (24.5-26 or 273-322mm b.s.l.) Standard Rod: (27-31 or 305-350mm b.s.l.)

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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Mike C.

WD40 is not a lubricant.

Jeremy H.
Voile Switchback bindings

I bought these bindings a couple of years ago at the Carbondale store. I asked the clerk if any lubrication was needed for the bindings. He said no, you're good to go. I used them a couple of times on local hills before going on a trip to the Eisemannn Hut. After unpacking, I went out to ski with my friends. The left binding would not lock down into downhill mode. I took the skis inside and warmed them up until I was sure they were dry. I went back outside to ski. Binding still would not lock down. We took the hinges off the hut keepers closet and found some WD-40, blasted it into both bindings, and went skiing. The bindings have performed well since then. You need to train your technicians about products you sell.