Pomoca Climb 2.0 V2 Climbing Skin

$169.95 USD

The Pomoca Climb 2.0 is a workhorse climbing skin, and for this year it gets a facelift with the new V2 attachment system. The V2 attachment system is more robust, ensuring that these skins hold up to many miles of backcountry use. The Climb 2.0 comes in a signature yellow plush, which has turned out to be our most popular skin at CCBC. This skin's popularity is due to it having found the sweet spot within a few different dichotomies: grip and glide, value and performance, weight and packability. It's 70% mohair / 30% nylon plush balances mohair glide with nylon grip. The Climb 2.0 is an affordable skin that outlasts many pricepoint competitors, especially with Pomoca's high performance [and Top Secret] glue formula. The short-plushed Climb 2.0 weighs 1.15 g/cm2, has a 235 kcal/h glide metric (the lower the number, the more efficient the skin), and a 46 g/cm2 grip metric (the higher the number, the better the grip). For comparison: the climb 2.0 is lighter than the teal Climb Pro S-Glide, and grips better than the green Climb Pro Mohair. The Climb 2.0 is right for you if you want a reliable, packable, and high-performing climbing skin that's affordable and will last you a good long while. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Michael Carricarte

Great all around skins.

Sam Huestis
Pomoca Skins

Skins are great! Tail clip design is one of the best I’ve seen

Margie Mayne
Pomoca V2 climbing skins

Was a little disappointed at first, they didn't have much glide my trip out on them. Researched a bit and it was recommended to use some skin wax. Did that and they glide great now. Used them in America's Uphill race in Aspen last weekend and they worked great!

Ellen Najjar
Mike is a great boot-fitter!

I love my boots and skins that I bought at Cripple Creek Backcountry. Thank you Mike!

Sam Dempsey

Pomoca Climb 2.0 V2 Climbing Skin

John Somerville
Game changer!

I never thought I would enjoy going uphill so much...and my dog. Cheers to new hobbies :)

Ingrid Stensvaag
Pomona climb 2.0

Works amazing so far! Very sticky and grippy to slick skin tracks. Now my goal is keep the dirt and pine needles off the stick…

David Tetley
Excellent Service

Needed new skins. Choose the right pair and had them cut immediately, In and out in 15minutes. Cripple Creek is the best!

Tom Meason

Probably very good skins. Unfortunately probably left them on the top of the car when I drove away.

Vince Anderson
Pomoca Climb 2.0 V2 Climbing Skin

The skins are awesome, but they don’t fit well with the Atomic Backland’s I got them for. The tail on the Backlands is a little thick for the thin Pomoca tail clip. I’ve used them other skis without problem, but these are just thick enough that it takes some finessing to get them to attach properly. Perhaps over time the plastic clip material will widen some and make getting them on easier. For now, it is not so easy, so I’d recommend really checking out the tail of the ski prior to going with this style of skin clip. As far as the skin performance goes, they are great!