ATK Haute Route 10 Alpine Touring Binding

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  • Step in to this binding with confidence in all conditions thanks to the Easy Entry System.
  • Magnetized heel risers stay put on the skin track, and provide three different settings for uphill travel.
  • 30mm of heel adjustment makes fitting the binding to multiple boots quick and easy.
  • At 165g, the Haute Route 10 is one of the lightest bindings in its class.
  • Description

    Weighing only 165 grams per binding, the ATK Haute Route 10 Alpine Touring Binding is a feature packed, high performing touring binding that stands above all others in its class. With its tough yet light aluminum construction, release value range from 5-10, 30mm of heel adjustment, and crampon and brake compatibility, this binding is ideal for the extreme ski tourers looking for uncompromising performance at a crazy lightweight.

    Tech Specs

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    Why We Like the ATK Haute Route 10 Alpine Touring Binding

    The toe piece of the Haute Route 10 features ATK's Easy Entry System®, which utilizes a new geometry design allowing you to easily and confidently step into this binding every time. ATK's Monolink Technology 1.0 System® fixes the left are of the toe piece and only uses a spring on the right arm. This technology reduces the toe piece weight by 2.5 grams while also improving stiffness and downhill performance. 

    The Haute Route 10's heel piece truly sets this binding apart from all others in the sub 200 gram category. The patented Cam Release System® gives this binding extremely stable downhill performance and an impressively soft step in. This system also provides a precise release that has a 5-10 adjustment range both laterally and vertically. To keep you comfortable and to ensure you have grip on every skin track, the Haute Route 10 features ATK's Magneto Heel Flaps® with three different climbing heights. Don't worry if you're not set on the boot to use with this setup, the Haute Route 10 provides an impressive 30 mm of adjustment. 

    Defying all categories, the ATK Haute Route 10 Alpine Touring Binding makes the uphill just as enjoyable as the down. Adding one more lap is no longer a question when you can breeze up the skin track with such ease and confidence.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    William B.
    Great Binding

    While my knowledge is limited as this is my first AT binding, I feel like these set the bar pretty high. I have yet to have them freeze up on me. Love the simplicity of the the three climbing heights. Unless I know there is a long flat to cross, I always use the middle height. The heel can rotate while climbing, but that's pretty rare and not a huge issue. Just something to be aware of. The toe lockout sometimes comes undone while ascending so they have released on me while climbing which is pretty annoying. Could be a big issue when locking out for some hard skiing. I have had them release on me twice when I didn't want them to. One time when hitting some rocks while traversing and on spring ice while coming down a groomer fast and I chattered the bottom of the turn. Obviously the second scenario was not in this bindings wheel house. Other than that, I have not had them release on me. They are easy to step into making transitioning very quick. I have around 40 days on this binding and I can confidently say I really like them.

    Mike P.
    Got 2 different boots and like to train?

    As the title says- this is a fantastic binding for fitness, training, even racing for some. As far as bindings go, 30mm of heel adjustment clutch for such a lightweight package. It's a huge added bonus for people that use multiple boots on a setup. An example of this would be a training ski in the 70s or 80s mm underfoot and swapping between a race boot and a lightweight touring boot that's more comfortable. We all know race liners are precious, and on that note- many don't like training in them all the time. Did I mention the toe? ATK TOE PIECES ARE GREAT! (and durable, and easy to use). For the leash wearing crew- ATK has designed a simple yet effective leash system that's really easy to install and use.

    All in all, this binding is the everyday lightweight binding anyone will be happy in.