ATK Raider 10 Alpine Touring Binding

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  • The Easy Entry System toepiece makes stepping in easier than ever, even in adverse conditions.
  • The toe stays free of snow and ice buildup thanks to the Snow Pack Proof System. 
  • If your boots are on their last leg, the U.H.V. System compensates for varying degrees of boot wear, providing proper retention on worn out boots.
  • A total of 12mm of elastic travel in the heel provides a consistent, predictable release when the binding is under load.
  • The integrated crampon attachment is compatible with all ATK ski crampons,
  • A 25mm adjustment plate makes fitting the binding to multiple boot sizes fast and easy.
  • Release values ranging from 4-10 work for a wide variety of skier sizes and abilities.
  • The integrated brake deploys easily at the push of a button.
  • Description

    Designed for lighter but not any less aggressive ski tourers, the ATK Raider 10 Alpine Touring Binding expands the Raider family with a lightweight, fully-functional bining providing true all mountain performance. Some key features that make this binding so desirable, besides its snazzy color, are multiple riser heights, easy brake maneuverability, quick step-in and durable design due to its machined aluminum construction. Be careful or you might fall in love with it and soon be getting one for every ski in your quiver. 

    Tech Specs

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    Why We Like the ATK Raider 10 Alpine Touring Binding

    The ATK Raider 10 is truly something special, hitting the sweet spot in so many areas. The toe piece of the ATK Raider 10 is packed full of ATK's advanced engineering and technology. The Easy Entry System® allows lightweight tourers to easily and confidently step into the binding, while the SNOW PACK PROOF SYSTEM® ensures no snow gets packed under the toe even after several laps. The U.H.V.® System (Up-hill Hardness Variator) allows you to customize the stiffness of the up-hill locking mechanism to give you the perfect locking pressure for you. 

    Featuring ATK's CAM RELEASE SYSTEM®, the heel piece of the Raider 10 offers impressive downhill performance, a precise release, and an incredibly soft step in. Specifically designed for lightweight users, this binding has a 4-10 adjustable release. To allow natural ski flex without releasing, the ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM® has 12mm of elasticity. To keep you comfortable and to ensure you have grip on every pitch of the skin track, the Raider 10 features 5 different riser heights (Flat, +27,5 ,+ 40, + 44, +49 mm). The brake on the Raider 10 is designed to be extremely durable, lightweight, and can be deployed with the push of a button. 

    For lightweight ski tourers looking to push their abilities and skiing performance, the ATK Raider 10 Alpine Touring Binding provides all the features and performance needed to explore the backcountry with confidence. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Rachel W.

    I absolutely love the way this binding skis! I have never felt a tech binding feel so smooth on the downhill, especially when I put a little power into it, it pops from turn to turn just like an alpine binding. It's light, easy to use brakes are clutch. Toe is easy to get in and out of. All in all I'm really happy I got this binding! Thanks CC team.