Black Crows Pilus Climbing Skin

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Precut and ready to go out of the bag to fit your new Black Crows Freebird ski, or offered in a wide trim-to-fit size that is customizable to virtually any ski. The Pilus stepped their game up and converted to the Shop Favorite Pomoca brand skins. The Pilus skins are a 70% mohair / 30% nylon blend that offers smooth and fluid glide, and sufficient grip and purchase when the going gets steep. Styled with Black Crows Chevron, these are worth showing off to your friends!

Customer Reviews

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Mark A
Pre-trimmed = awesome

I’ve always trimmed my own climbing skins in the past, and even though it’s not that difficult, it always made me nervous that I’d mess up my new gear. It was so nice to pull the skins out of the box, test fit them on my skis, and see that they’re a perfect fit and ready to go as soon as the snow falls. Since they’re Pomoca, I’m not even worried about performance. Black Crows branding looks cool, too!

Vernon Smith
Black Crows Corvus skins

Great skins by Pomoca. Hybrid has good grip and just breaking in so glide should

Sophie Hartshorn
These skins rock

Lightweight and super sticky. So far only great experiences with these skins- they stick to your skis super tight and don’t seem to ice up as much as others I have had. Solid in the uphill, too. I also love that they came pre- cut so they fit better than any other skin I have owned.

Douglas Halsted
Awesome support

Very knowledgeable and considerate support and advice. Great equipment and mounting all done remotely and shipped no problem. 5 stars.

Kai Dougan
Black Crows Skins

Love these skins! First few tours haven’t been too much of a test, but I’ve still really appreciated the balance of grip and glide. The attachment is super solid at the tip and tail of the ski. My only qualm was that the precuts didn’t match my black crow skis (purchased concurrently from cripple creek). I don’t trust myself to cut my skins right, but I will have to do a touch up job as the edges are completely covered by the skin.

Hey Kai,

Thanks for looking to Cripple Creek for your uphill needs! Way to grab some of the best skins to get you climbing steep skin tracks AND gliding nicely on the flats.

It definitely helps to have your edges exposed when traveling to your ski objective. We should have included a skin trim tool with your order that has a built in offset to cut the skins to the perfect width. A quick YouTube search will yield a few good videos with guides to using the tool. Otherwise, any local shop that sells ski gear will probably be able to give a hand.


Lane Aasen
Great Skins

I talked to Black Crows and these are equivalent to Pomoca's Free Pro 2.0. They are very light (191g for 179cm Orbs), have great glide, decent grip, and pack very small. The thin backing material makes the skins a little harder to handle than other skins like the Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide but that is a minor annoyance for the reduced weight.

Pierre Chavanne
Black Crows - Camox freebird skis + Pilus skins

Finally got to try these after mounting some marker alpinist bindings. Nice and light combination on uphill. Skis hold turns well on firm snow and also turn nice in deep (and not so light california) fresh snow. Skins are very light with decent grip even in deep loose snow, and good glide in established tracks. Nice combination.

Bart Johnson
Black Crows Pilus Climbing Skin

They are rebranded Pomoca skins. That is about all you need to know. Light, supple, good grip, decent glide and well put together. They do what they are supposed to do. You want the gear in your pack to be stuff you don't fret about it working right. These fit the bill.