CAMP Alp Racing Harness

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When it comes to lightweight ski mountaineering gear CAMP is way ahead of the rest. The Alp Racing Harness has a no frills design in mind for the serious ski mountaineer who knows how to get more done with less. The Alp Race Harness is the perfect tool for ski mountaineering racing and for those who like to travel far and fast in the backcountry. The Alp Race Harness has a single tie in point, innovative, and simplistic webbing design and a pre-threaded buckle on the waist. 

  • 92 grams
  • Packs down to the size of a fist
  • Reinforced single tie in point
  • Single carabiner loop on each side of waist belt
  • Fully tested and certified according to UIAA and CE norms

Customer Reviews

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Michael P.
Great for racing!

This is a simple, easy harness that's great for rando racing. While I probably wouldn't climb in it, it's incredibly lightweight and packable for long races, it's great as an emergency harness to keep when you know you're going to ski something techy, or even works well as for glacier travel. Love the small, lightweight design.