Dynafit Low Tech Race 105

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The LTR has been the gold standard for racing bindings over the last couple of decades. With Dynafit constantly on the cutting edge of the Skimo world, it is no surprise they are able to lower the weight on an already featherweight binding. By using a forged aluminum toe unit and by expanding the mounting pattern of the toe, Dynafit was able to shave another 5 grams off the already insanely light race binding.

Dynafit also revamped the heel unit slightly by providing a thin metal wrap that will beef up the integrity of the heel unit, giving it a much better torsional rigidity and won't buckle under extreme speeds or releases. The torsional control is also improved from the expanded mounting pattern in the toe unit, allowing for safer control at higher speeds.

Customer Reviews

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Nico T.
Simple & light

Not much to it — it's super light and it's effective. No bells and whistles here.

I feel pretty confident flying down blue runs at 50+ MPH. I don't think the binding is my limiting factor on the downhill.

I haven't used this binding

I'm really excited about this binding and its Lifetime Warranty because with lightweight I wonder how long it will last before exploding. With Dynafit willing to stand behind this product for a ten-year lifecycle is confidence-inspiring to say the least. I like that they widened the mounting pattern and added the aluminum exoskeleton to give myself a slight mental band-aid piece of mind if I were to be ripping at mock speed on my race skis with these on. They look simple, easy to use, and nice neutral color scheme. Cheers Dynafit. I'm excited to try them out.