Dynafit Race Ready Speedskin DNA/PDG

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For all their skins Dynafit looked to the upski experts at Pomoca to make the right skins for the job. For the Race Ready skins they employed the tri-layer construction with a waterproof membrane in the middle of the skin to ensure your glue stays dry and your skin stays on your ski.  The the Race Ready Speedskin is 100% mohair.  This allows the best glide for fast movement in the high country. Elastic rubber tip attachment makes stripping skins simple to help you keep transitions quick and easy.   

Ski Recommendation: Dynafit PDG, Hagan X-Race, SkiTrab Race Aero World Cup


Material: 100% mohair

Tip Attachment: KLICK rubber tip

Tail Attachment: none

Weight: 160 cm: (128 g)

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years


Customer Reviews

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Dynafit Race Ready skins are pure silk

These skins are like a magic carpet underneath your skis that give you the ability to glide your way up the skintrack to Heaven. For real tho, Pomoca makes really nice skins that last a long time - these by far lasted the longest of any race skin I've owned. Also, the glue is still sticky and dependable after a two seasons. I also like the rubber tip attachment, which is easier to grab and pull when it's time to transition. These skins will take you further, faster, or my name isn't Aladin.