Dynastar M-Tour 99 Alpine Touring Ski

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The Dynastar M-Tour 99 is the largest ski in the new M-Tour series. This ski features a new-age shape and construction that makes it a unique backcountry touring tool. The M-Tour 99 shape has a modern five-point design which brings the widest part of the tip and tail closer to the center of the ski. The ski has a moderate tail rise and big tip rise profile. What does all this shape and profile jargon mean? The M-Tour 99 is designed for backcountry versatility. This ski will wiggle through powder but also be able to hope through a corn snow couloir. The M-Tour construction is a unique blend of paulownia/PU in the core with a layer of basalt for stiffening. Paulownia is a lightweight wood to save weight and PU is a dampening polymer to reduce chatter. PU is typically used in sidewall construction (this ski has a full sidewall as well), but incorporating PU into the core gives this featherweight touring ski a disproportionately stable feel. On top of that core is a layer of uncommonly used basalt. Basalt has similar mechanical properties to fiberglass but with 25% less weight. It also offers dampening properties, which creates great reinforcement to the lightweight core. At 1300 grams, the M-Tour 99 is a backcountry specific lightweight touring machine that brings expert-level downhill performance. If you need some inspiration of what this ski can do, watch ski movement technician Vivian Bruchez use this ski to create backcountry skiing art throughout the Western Alps. 

Customer Reviews

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Dominic W.
Great All-Arounder

The M-Tour 99s have been pretty much right on the mark for what I was looking for - an efficient climbing ski that's still fun on the down and feels like it balances dampness with edge hold for variable, steeper springtime lines. I didn't know anything about this ski before coming into the shop - these seem like a sleeper amid the more popular skis in this category. Admittedly, so far I've only tested them on a couple of in-bounds uphill days, but if their performance on some crusty, wind-blown above treeline crap snow says anything, its that they'll be a ton of fun in softer off-piste snow and spring corn. This is a super fun ski to lean over and arc turns on and it's nimble for navigating steep hardpack too. The design seems durable and the wood/basalt core really is damp feeling. It's a great combo with Salomon MTNs - good for someone who can't justify a quiver of more than a few pairs of skis. Plus, River in the Denver Store did a great (and amazingly fast) job with the mount.

Luke F.
Rides like Dynastar Cham 97 2.0 but lighter on the up!

Took these out for a couple of days of touring, first season turns during a 1m dump, they feel just like my Cham 97 2.0s which is exactly what I was looking for! As a bonus they are a bit lighter and easier on the up.

Chad L.
Exceptional Service

This setup changes the way I think about skiing. So many possibilities now and Cripple Creek will be recommend to friends and family due to exceptional service. Thank you to everyone who helped with the order. Cheers