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G3 Carbon Via Ski Touring Poles

Size: Short

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The G3 Carbon Via Touring Poles are G3's new, premium full carbon ski pole. The carbon upper and lower shafts make this pole light stiff and durable. It has excellent power transfer so you won't be using extra energy with pole slop. Great ergonomic grip, two different basket types included, utility tab for adjusting your bindings on the fly and an easy flick lock system make this the all around pole for big mountain skiers and speed tourers alike.


  • QuickFlick Utility Tab - Flick your binding risers or buckles with ease. Also aids in precise pole plants. Hard plastic eyelet yields one of 2 attachment points for drying gloves or attaching tent lines.
  • Backcountry Strap - Comfortable, form fitting, and easily removable for skiing in avalanche terrain.
  • Side Hill Grip - Lightweight and simple lower grip position for side-hill ski touring.
  • Reliable Connections - Burly forged Aluminum lever with a simple and easy to use offset cam gives you a reliable and sturdy connection between pole sections.
  • Asymetric Powder Basket - Reduces drag & eliminates cantilever effect in hard pack snow or while doing steep terrain kick turns. Easier to hook binding heel lifts up and down.
  • Flex Ferrules - Protects lower shaft. Easily replaceable.
  • Carbide Tip - Grips securely on ice and rock. Provides long term durability.
  • Trekking / Snag Proof Basket - Comes with extra trekking baskets for spring/summer use.


Length: 95-125 cm (short) 115-145 cm (long)

Weight: 250 g (short) 280 g (long)

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Amy Clemens
Love them!

Love these poles. Sturdy, simple, sleek, perfect !