Karakoram UltraClip 2.0 and 3C

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The Karakoram UltraClip 2.0 and 3C are the next evolution of Karakoram's Active Joining technology that provides the ultimate connection between the seam of your splitboard. With this new redesign, the UltraClip 2.0 decreased its weight by 10%, decreased its overall footprint, and now features a micro-adjustment set screw. 

For the ultimate solid board feel and performance, the Karakoram UltraClips 2.0 or 3C to help eliminate seam rattling, seam shearing, and seam rolling. Get the best performance out of your splitboard with the Karakoram UltraClips 2.0 or 3C clips!

  • New micro-adjustment set screw
  • 10% lighter than the original UltraClip
  • Decreased footprint 
  • Designed to provide the ultimate connection between the seam of your splitboard 

Customer Reviews

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Aaron W.
Karakoram Ultra Clip 2.0

The clips are great but they only came with 7 of the 8 bolts required to mount them. Emailed Karakoram and they are sending me out the missing hardware.