Kastle TX Climbing Skin (2022)

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The Kastle TX Climbing Skins are rebranded Contour Hybrid Mix Skins with a Hollow-Clip tip attachment proprietary to Kastle. These skins are a 70% mohair, 30% nylon mix with Contour's Hybrid glue system. This glue blends an extra sticky glue formula adherent to the skin plush with a less sticky layer to attach to the base of the ski. This keeps the skin glue easy to pull apart, but longer lasting than comparable brands. Best yet, the glue can be refreshed with a quick wash of cold water and mild soap. Choose the specific length and size of these awesome skins to perfectly fit your Kastle TX skis.

Customer Reviews

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Tom N.
Only stick to Skis

Just got these and had the pleasure of a weeks hut trip. They are great - fit perfectly - the tip and tail system is great and they only seem to stick to skis. Snow on the adhesive surface just brushes off and it then sticks fine (it was snowing a lot) to the ski for the up. They fold well and are really easy to use.

They did look a bit odd coming out of the box - the hybrid glue means they aren’t bright white and look a bit meh - but they are for walking on and cripple creek were quick answering my questions about this.

Mone A.
Great pros, great service

The place to go for upholding