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G3 Minimist Glide Climbing Skin

New from G3 for the 19/20 season, the Minimist Glide skin is wicked light and compact, offering the user a high performance and fully featured skin that is geared for those seeking to up their touring efficiency across a variety of snow conditions.

Using high performance and low-bulk textiles, G3 was able to achieve the ultralight weight that is up to 30% lighter than anything else in its performance class. The Glide plush fabric is a blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, and laminated with a waterproof backing. The minimalist tip is uniquely fitted with a carbon fibre insert that creates a directionally rigid platform, helping to prevent snow creep.

We also like the fact that G3 skin adhesive is non-toxic, and is layered with a removable rip-strip for reduced skin to skin adhesion, but can be removed if additional adhesion is desired. 

If you're worth your weight in snow as a backcountry skier than you know the way to make every piece of backcountry gear better is to add a little Carbon Fiber. G3 knows as much and that's why they added a little of that special sauce to their minimist climbing skins. With a little carbon fiber in the tip of the skin G3 created a directionally rigid platform that prevents snow from inching its way down your tips and shortening your days in the BC. The Minimist Speed is a fully 100% mohair version of this making for a fast skin on the up that weighs close to nothing and packs down easily to throw in your bag. G3 rolled out a new non-toxic adhesive on these skins as well a PFOA free waterproofing treatment that exceeds environmental standards. A feel good, skin fast, carbon fiber showoff that'll give you the edge over the non carbon fiber skins of years past.


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