Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide TIPON Skin

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With new glueless "science," the future of skins is now! The Pomoca Tipon technology is based on polysiloxanes, using two types of induction: both an adhesive and a membrane bonded directly to the fabric of the skins.
What you really need to know is that these skins are 15% lighter than other Pomoca skins, they take up 40% less volume, and best of all they are easy to take care of! They are washable, waterproof, UV-resistant and effective at a larger range of extreme temps than ever before.
It has taken us a while to find a "glueless" skin that we really like, but after testing the Tipon for a season we won't hesitate to recommend this new technology!

Customer Reviews

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Brian Frykman
Tipon technology works!

Amazing skin technology. Sticks well to the ski, skins are easily pulled apart (despite being 140mm underfoot!). They glide well like a typical pomoca and climb well too. I’ve had one day out when it was -21F at the start of the day and the were solid. Take a second to wipe all the snow off your base before applying the skins and they’ll last all day. The best part is they fold up into the tiniest little ball. Best skins I’ve ever owned in 26 years of skiing! Way to go Pomoca.

Andre L.
Great skins

I tried them on a 11km ride and 1 km vertical and they were perfect. Much better than my BD half kicker skins. Great grip going up and good glide going down.

Doug Stenclik
Great Skins no mess

I have been using my pair for two season and around 100 days. It is amazing that they don't pick up any dog hair or dirt when I can be pretty hard on skins. I would say they fall off about twice as much as other skins which for me is pretty little. If I used to lose a Dynafit Skin 3-4 times a season these probably come off 6-8 which seems worth it for the glue that used to ball up. I also noticed some fraying over the days and had to clean them up. Other than that they have been incredible and glide super well.