SCOTT Patrol E1 40 Avalanche Airbag Pack

$1,150.00 USD

Featuring a super capacitor battery system and Scott's all new Turbo Fan, the Patrol E1 40 from Scott is everything you want in an airbag system. The revolutionary battery system requires much less power, which translates to a lighter and more compact system. This means that carrying a fan style system no longer means slugging around extra weight. The Alpride system weighs in at less than 3 pounds, and can be recharged very quickly- 40 minutes via AA batteries or 20 minutes if you charge with the USB port.

Fan systems also give the advantage of being able to travel with your pack to any exotic ski destination and practice with your system as many times as you like- all without having to worry about finding a refill station. The lightweight design means you won't hesitate to reach for this pack tour after tour this winter, giving you an additional margin of safety. If the worst case does happen, the Turbo Fan deploys your bag rapidly giving you the best chance to stay on top. 

The Patrol E1 40 offers the most volume out of Scott's lineup, perfect for big days in the backcountry or your next hut-to-hut trip. Gear loops on the outside of your pack can carry your ice tools or your skis, and a dedicated fixation point is designed to hold your helmet. The pack also includes a dedicated pocket for avalanche tools, safety straps on the hip belt, and a padded carry system for all day comfort. If you spend time in avalanche terrain, it's a good idea to add an additional safety margin, and the Scott E1 40 Airbag pack is one of the best. 

Customer Reviews

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Eric L.
Airbag scott 40

Excellent. Thanks for the fast shipping.

chris L.
Moved up from the Patrol 30l

I just received this pack.
I have purchased this pack to upgrade from the 30l version.
My first impressions are good, this seems to be a better configuration in regards to pocket size, access.
The goggle pocket has been replaced with a pocket that runs the length of the pack and a hip belt pocket has been added, very nice.
The avi tool pocket has been improved so that it stays with the main body of the pack when opened instead of flopping around, and it holds the gear far better.
I am glad I upgraded.

Scott Patrol E1 40 Avalanche Airbag Pack

This 40L pack is a great home for the Alpride E1 interchangeable airbag system and provides just the right amount of space for the extra gear one needs to carry on backcountry winter ski tours. I moved up from a smaller E1 pack that lacked enough space for essential winter gear: 40L is much more appropriate

Scott R.
Very good full-day touring avy bag

I've used and tinkered with enough to give it a review. Overall, I'd say probably a 4.5 given that a few flaws, but each one has workarounds.
- Fit - Great, I'm 6'1 and very adjustable
- Size - This is the 40L. I think you need this size for true full day touring. I had a 30L Mammut and the cannister took up much of the room. Ditto here with the fan. The 40L works more like a 35L. But leaves enough room for layers, puffy, water bottle, gear & med kit, etc.
- Avy bag part - So nice to be able to test and play around with it, vs. a gas bag. An annoyance is the on/off being buried deep in the pack, so just need to turn it on before zipping up in the morning. The battery life is great. The airbag easily folks back into its pocket vs. Mammut was more of a struggle. Also nice that the airbag parts can be swapped over to a different pack, like if you got the 20L bag for resort/sidecountry
- Weight - It's heavy coming from a spring/summer minimalist bag, but this is pretty stripped down and a good weight for an air bag with a dedicated avy gear pocket
- Avy pocket - Just fits a 300 cm probe (would've been real deal-breaker if not!). Easily fits everything else including saw
- Quality - Ripstop material, seems well stitched. Hopefully holds up well
- Annoyances - All minor with workarounds... 1) The diagonal carry is a disaster! It's vertical, so on flat your skis bang your legs and on vert they hit your head. It's so ridiculous. And their upper loop is connected to the bottom loop, so you can't just cut out their upper one. BUT you can just Voile strap a new upper loop to the side strap. Or you can just carry A-frame style. 2) Make the avy pocket zipper and pulls a different color! Again, easy to add something, but would've been a nice feature. 3) An externally accessible goggle or "little stuff" pocket would be nice. Both are inside the two main pockets 4) Wish it had traditional ice axe loops, but enough daisy chain loops to add a new loop to.
Overall, well designed and barely notice it on the way down, which is a good test!

scott pack

I’m concerned about the zippers for the main compartment and the shovel compartment.