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Voile SuperCharger Backcountry Ski

Size: 178

Just when you think that a company cannot make a ski any better, Voile goes and tweaks the Charger to create the SuperCharger. To get to this point, Voile did not alter the ski in the typical way - by making it wider, stiffer or more aggressive. Instead, they took the Charger and widened the tail and slightly trimmed the waist which makes it resemble the V8 more than any other ski in their line. It still has the Voile Hybrid Rocker so it can charge through any condition with ease. In fact, the new skis can even handle bumps! If you are looking for an affordable ski that offers dependable and consistent wider turns, this is the ski for you. Every time I ride these, I know how they are going to react on any snow, allowing me to really get the most out of my downhill experience. The skis are built tough, I would know, mine have rocks stuck to the top sheet (yes the top sheet!) and they still perform flawlessly. For the skier who wants a ski that can handle ice to powder and provide a smooth and reliable ride, consider this truly unique piece of ski architecture.

  • Hybrid rocker: rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot
  • Wide waist for backcountry powder touring
  • Aspen wood core with Carbon stringers
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christopher Brod
Very Stoked

Just took them for a spin up to 11,500 ft on Monday after the storm. The snow was excellent and the skis were perfect, at 178, especially in some tight trees. They are happy to turn. I weigh 160. Although I’m gonna need straps without the brakes on the dynafit binding.

Gregory Lewis
Great gear. Great people

Love my new skis! Great advice and help from the people at cripple creek! So glad to have this shop in the neighborhood.

Terry Foxworth
Trust & Verified

I bought my new Voile Superchargers sight unseen, trusting the good folks at CC Backcountry. It seems everyday has brought new conditions and these sticks have performed great. It's Christmas Eve and time for more powder testing. Cheers!

Balance of Performance in this Mid-Fat ski

I searched high and low for my perfect mid-fat touring ski. It had to be light enough, but not too light that it felt squirrely on the way down. It had to have a softer shovel for smooth turn initiation and a relatively stiff tail to snap me into the new turn. It had to have a solid but light core. It had to have a rockered tip and tail with camber in the middle for the versatility of on-mountain, off-piste, and backcountry performance. The Voile Supercharger meets all these requirements at a great value. They also build the skis to take a beating because the makes live in the Sawatch Range, USA. Go Voile!

Hans Hanson

Voile SuperCharger Backcountry Ski

Andrew Billo
Great skis and service

As others have said, Cripple Creek BC does things right. The guys at the shop were super responsive and did a great job explaining different options and setups to me. The skis themselves are great. On the east coast, they performed well on semi-icy/groomed conditions and were light enough to whip around in the bumps. They were able to accommodate a discount as well for buying the skis, bindings, and skins together.

Forest M.
Orange beauties!

These things rip! I’ve never met a voile ski I didn’t like, and these are no different. Exrtremely capable and skiable skis. It felt like they were connected directly to my brain from the first run. Mank, pow, firm - they can handle it. Go fast, go slow, carve hard, surf the bases - they’ll be happy to oblige. I think the Objectives for fast and far missions paired with these for everything else is the perfect 2 ski quiver.