Voile UltraVector BC

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The UltraVector BC is built on the same awesome new chassis of the UltraVector, and given the patterned base underfoot for game changing ease over flat and rolling terrain. If your tours often include long flat approaches or rolling hills, the patterned base is a game changer. Cruise with rando race like speed and fluidity on the flats and don't worry about fiddling with skins for quick ups and downs. Sub 1500 grams weights, and no skin weight will pay off on long forest service roads.

The UltraVector BC is still capable of descent oriented skiing. The aspen wood core reinforced with carbon fiber make the BC UltraCapable on varied snow. The UltraVector has a more forgiving flex pattern and tighter turn radius as compared to the Vector. This makes for an easier ride and more playful turn. Keep in mind, if you are going for a steeper skin track, the patterned base will not be enough and you'll have to slap on some skins.

The UltraVector BC is an awesome option for skiers who prefer long rolling traverse type tours. This is often perfect those who enjoy hut trips where getting to and enjoying the hut and touring around outside without entering into the sketchiness of avalanche terrain and steep terrain. Also great for cross country skier looking to get into the AT world while enjoying similar tours.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Billy O.
Ultra Vector BC skis

Solid ski, but haven’t taken down any hills yet

Ryan T.
Voile ultra vector

I’ve had the original vector bc since 2015 last night I re welded the bottom edges and I’ll still use them this season but decided to get another set before they eventually break just for posterity. But that being said the originals are my favorite ski ever for backcountry/alpine touring. So I expect I’ll enjoy these too.

Rebecca B.
no snow yet

I haven't tried them out because there is no snow! I'll let you know when the time comes around>>>