Voile V6 Touring Ski

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When the Voile V8 came out we didn't think it could get any better. Great in all conditions, lightweight and durable, it ruled the Voile line. Then they paired down the ski, made it more nimble, lighter, and better equipped to be that daily driver you reach for again and again. Since the V6 was released it has become the most popular ski on the rack.

Incorporating the same layers of carbon and triaxial fiberglass into a more-narrow ski lends a snappier feel and quicker-edging trait to the V8. This feature, coupled with our beloved Voil© Hybrid Rocker, makes the V6 even more stable in a wide variety of conditions and terrain.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Amy R.

Voile V6 - mounted them with 22 designs outlaw x tele binding - super fun, light but not too light. Great, versatile ski.

Andrew A.
Backcountry Gear

Great service and very nice products

A ski I can write home to mom about

I ski probably 60% resort and 40% backcountry and I wanted a ski that would excel at both. The Voile V6 really surprised me with how responsive it is when I initiate a turn - it is smooth and intuitive. Also, the ski has a good amount of camber underfoot, which was a big draw for me, because I find that skis with more camber have a lot more energy and that makes for fun skiing. The V6 is so good in powder conditions but when the powder gets tracked out and variable, it still handles strong and tracks straight. These aren't the lightest skis, but they're not heavy either. I'd consider them perfect for anyone wanting to get just one ski to do everything. Highly recommend.

Christian H.

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