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Pristine alpine bowls, untouched powder meadows, fitness laps at your local resort. All of this would be impossible if it weren't for our trusty climbing skins. We ask a lot of this often overlooked piece of gear. We need them to adhere to our skis in temperatures ranging from freezing all the way down to the negative double digits. When we reach the top of our line, we expect our skins to let go of our bases without a fuss, and with no residue left behind. 



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Climbing skins are the key to backcountry bliss


When you think about it, climbing skins are a seriously impressive piece of gear, and the one that holds the key to the magical world of backcountry skiing. Owner Doug wrote a great piece for our good friends over at debunking a few common misconceptions regarding our trusty climbing skins. Be sure to check out his article here and share with anyone who could benefit from this information.