Commitment to Year Round Endurance Pursuits
Spring is slowly making its way into the valleys around the mountains of Colorado. Trails are melting out, temperatures are rising, and wildlife is starting to stir. There’s also a palpable buzz in the shop these days, but it has a slightly different tune than years past. We always get excited as the snowpack improves and conditions start to open up bigger days and terrain in the backcountry, that buzz is familiar.

This is different. It’s the type of buzz and excitement that gets generated by the anticipation of trying something new, by stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

Commitment to Summer Gear

Cripple Creek Backcountry is committing to backcountry travel all year round
The Evolving Mountain Athlete
Since day one at Cripple Creek Backcountry, we have been driven to become the premier purveyor of gear for the winter backcountry enthusiast and a hub for the local community of mountain crazed snow slayers. We eat, sleep, and breathe skiing and snowboarding. But let's be honest, we enjoy any sort of tomfoolery in the mountains! We are also realizing, so do our customers! The backcountry winter athlete is also a summer athlete. The type that seeks out distant summits, pushes to discover new personal limits at distances short and long, and hits the local single track with friends before sharing stories and goals at the local watering hole.

We Are Here For You, Year-round
Acknowledging that our customers are getting after it 24-7-365 means that we will be as well. Our mission at Cripple Creek Backcountry is to be your resource for human powered exploration not only all Winter...but all Spring, Summer, and Fall as well. We promise to continue to provide the same extraordinary level of customer service, product knowledge, and commitment to fostering community and culture. Besides, one might argue that a cold beer at the shop tastes better after a long trail run on a hot summer day.

What Does This Mean for Gear!?
First, it means focusing on feet. Don’t worry, it won’t get weird. We’re here to fit you for shoes the same way we fit you for boots. By asking the right questions, listening to your wants and responses, having a deep understanding of how your foot works when you walk/hike/run, and most importantly how your foot should fit in your footwear, we’ll put you in the best pair of shoes you’ve owned. We were foot geeks to begin with, now we’re taking it next-level. Gravel Crushers. Singletrack Slayers. Peak Pushers. This is the Cripple Creek lingo for your next shoe... We’ll have some of the most recognized names in trail footwear, apparel, socks, and accessories. HOKA. LA SPORTIVA. SALOMON. ALTRA. ADIDAS. SAUCONY. DYNAFIT. SMARTWOOL. SWIFTWICK. CEP. BLACK DIAMOND. ULTIMATE DIRECTION. CIELE. We want to help you reach your next summit, no matter how tall!
March 25, 2021 — joel hamilton
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