POMOCA has been widely recognized as the world's leading ski skin manufacturer for over 75 years. POMOCA constantly develops new products, from accessories to groundbreaking concepts, in order to promote an easy handling and provide ski touring lovers with both, pleasure and satisfaction.

  • Climb Pro S-Glide Skins (70% mohair / 30% nylon) - Best gliding mix skin ever, best anit-glopping skins, very resistant;  combines excellent gliding performance, good traction and utmost resistance. Extremely versatile use, ranging from competition to long-term touring.
  • Climb Pro S-Glide Tipon Skins (70% mohair / 30% nylon) - Climb Pro S-Glide with the new TIPON technology: reduced weight and volume, simple handling, washable. Easy to use. Glue-less adhesive technology.
  • Climb 2.0 Skins (70% mohair / 30% nylon) - For regular ski tourers looking for a resistant, lightweight ski skin. An ideal model for all types of terrain.
  • Race Pro 2.0 Skins (100% mohair) - Highly gliding, lightweight skin that has been developed especially for competitors. Ideal for competitions where speed and glide definitely count.