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Karakoram Prime Nomad Splitboard Binding


The Karakoram Prime Nomad splitboard binding is the go-to splitboard binding for those looking for a high performing workhorse that is ready to climb any peak. Karakoram has a well deserved reputation for making some of the most innovative and lightweight splitboard bindings ever made. These talented innovators at Karakoram have been tireless in their pursuit to produce the lightest splitboard systems that will truly outperform your regular “on mountain” rigs. 

This next generation soft boot binding is 50 grams lighter than its famed cult classic predecessor, the Prime SL. When we envision splitboard hardware, two things are on our mind. The first is how easily and securely do the bindings attach to the board and the second of course is how well does the hardware clamp the splitboard back together to form one cohesive platform. With Karakoram’s Active Joining, you can literally toss the binding onto the loose fitting plates with ample room for snow and ice to join. Then with one simple throw of the oversized integrated heel lock, the binding bolts securely into place with zero tolerances for any slop or wiggle. The pre-loaded Ride Mode 2.0 Carbon infused seam tabs interlock across the seam of your splitboard and are designed to clear snow easily with clever snow ejection channels.

Utilizing “active joining” the wider connection points increase leverage for improved power transfer to your edges. The higher full length sidewall gives greater support for better power transfer and grip while side-hilling, with a shape that is more conducive for freestyle riding. The lighter aggressive “airpod” strap has independent pressure pods that pull into your boot from the sides without placing direct pressure on the front of your foot. Thus eliminating the need to frequently place your bum in the snow and release your straps due to pain and discomfort to keep you and your feet happily riding all day long. 

The Prime Nomad has a new lightweight and stiffer Reactive Highback. This highback is very comfortable with a scalloped top to eliminate top-of-boot pressure points and is very responsive into turns with a nice side-to-side range of motion. The new Prime X chassis is stiffer toe to heal with an open design that allows the board to twist naturally under the binding. 

The Prime Nomad shines on the uphill with independent sleeves that rotate freely on a fixed through-axle (similar to a bike axle) for a stiff and smooth touring pivot.  The Dual Speed riser is easy to use with your ski poles and has a slick “quick lock” to secure your heels for those dreaded downhill skins.  

We still have not covered all of the amazing features in this innovative next generation splitboard binding, but we are running out of room to write. So order up the Karakoram Prime Nomad and see for yourself why we are so excited about this binding!