Kastle Free Tour 12 2.0 Binding

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The Kastle Free Tour 12 2.0 is a freetouring binding that blends the downhill performance demanded by freeride skiing with the uphill efficiency and weight savings of traditional alpine touring. The binding weighs only 375 grams and features a laundry list of design capabilities that allow it to be pushed to high ends of skiing performance. The toe piece has a wider-than-average mounting pattern for increased power transmission between your boot and the ski for better downhill performance. It also features a unique toe-mounted brake that is the only tech binding to deploy your brake [if your ski were to pop off] when in downhill ski mode. The heel unit has an elastic travel system that improves the bindings release value consistency. This means the binding will maintain a constant release value while under downhill stress, like during big jumps or on high speed turns. For the uphill, the heel unit includes FIVE magnetic riser options that feel buttery to flick between with the finesse of your pole. Here's a more in-depth look at the binding (hint hint: it's a rebranded ATK RAIDER 12 2.0). And let's not forget the stealth/ninja/boss black-on-black color scheme.

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Backwards But Built

The first time you go to transition from walk to ski or vice versa, you will be momentarily perplexed by the counter intuitive positioning of the brakes. They are at the toe piece not the heel piece. It means a little bit of fiddling to both lock the toe piece for climbing and secure the brakes in the same area of the ski. Austrian. Weird. But, once you get used to it, it is a well built product. I suppose the Austrians wanted to take the heel piece out of the equation for securing the brakes. I'm not sure that they have made a big improvement here.

Freeride Light Binding

Man, more people should be talking about this rebranded ATK Raider 12 2.0 binding. It's made from ALL machined aluminum. It's an alpine tech binding with elastic travel in the heel, adjustable vertical and horizontal release value, included brake, FIVE riser heights, you can transition into ski/walk mode without rotating the heel torrent, the riser flaps are fast and magnetic, there's optional AFD plate for the heel (to take stress off the pins while skiing really fast), AND it comes in an all-black, all-business color scheme. These things are so rad. It takes some learning to use the toe brake and understand how this binding works, but learning is fun. I would feel comfortable riding this binding through any conditions capable on skis. They are bombproof and hold up to extremely hard and fast skiing. So if you want to jump into the Freetouring World, let the Kastle Free Tour 12 2.0 be your vehicle of choice. Did I mention they weigh a scant 375 grams per binding.

Hard charging but lightweight

The Free tour was an excellent pairing with my new Kastle FX96 skis. These skis were a beefy 2 kilo ski and I wanted to keep the binding light but still be able to drive them. They have been good to me so far in even terrible ski mountaineering snow. I removed the brakes and added the stomp pad under the back heel. Just ask the guys at CCBC and they can do this for you as well.